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New Interviews with Yuki and Kaori

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An interview with Yuki Kajiura has been posted on the official FictionJunction YUUKA blog, and can be seen here [Japanese]. Interview topics include money, liquor, and piano lessons.

In other news, the Calling (Kaori Oda) single has been released. Scroll down to see the Baccano! ED video. Purchase from here.

Seigura also has a new interview with Kaori Oda regarding the release of Calling, and why she did not use the name FictionJunction KAORI.

The 16-minute single has two songs +off vocal versions. Yes that image on the right is direct linked from Amazon. I am cheap haha.

  1. Calling
  2. Power in Me
  3. Calling (Instrumental)
  4. Power in Me (Instrumental)

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