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Image Gallery
Our ever-expanding image gallery, with photos of Yuki Kajiura, Uta-himes, musicians, live events, fanart, and lots more. Register to upload your own files.

Interviews and liner notes from Kajiura, Kalafina, See-Saw, and FictionJunction. Some are translated.

Music Downloads
Download unreleased tracks ripped from the source. Despite never having been published, the music here is definitely worth listening to!

Video Downloads
A large list of videos available for download, including PVs, live performances, interviews, and more. E-mail Kerahna to request files. We are working on completing this page with download links for all discontinued videos.

A list of the artists that the cpm forum members like and recommend to you, accompanied with short information about them as well as samples.

Arranged & Cover Music
Fan creations! A list of links to fan arranged/cover music composed by Yuki Kajiura. Contact Nick Hunter to put your work on the list.

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