Maxwell Halliwell (Chile)

it's so difficult to express how much i love you Kajiura-sama, there are so much emotions invoved with you in my mind and in my heart through all this time i've been a fan of you, you're a very important part in my life 'cos it's not a coincidence that since i started to listen to your beautiful music i felt a inexplicable connection with you and your feelings contained in every piece of every song you've created. In every moment i've been sad and happy you have been there with me by my side, and that is something priceless to me, so that's why i want to expand your creation to every corner of this world, especially in Latin America where is my home. I promise to you that i'll do my best to be the spanish-speaking referent of YOU and your work. Thank you so much my dear Yuki, although you can't see me i'll always be by your side and you will always be in my heart.
Tanjoubi omedeto!!!!!!!!

Nick Hunter (Belarus)

Happy birthday! I wish for all the light of the sun, the moon and the stars to come down to reside in You. Thank You for all you do, as well as for simply existing!

Be blessed throughout the universe, entire,
In tune with it, as that's Your gift and wealth -
Its magic to inspire,
Transparent hands of Poetry herself
To play Your lyre.

Emily Bindiger (USA)

Happy Birthday, Yuki-san!!
I miss you!
With love and admiration always,

Kososki Alin (Romania)

With the warmest salutations and kindest adorations: ?????????????????

Zuiyon (France)

Happy Birthday Yukiiiiiiii!!! Don't forget to take some rest, it's good for health, and health is very important! ^_^ I hope you will continue to make us dream over and over again!

Tomas 'suicidaldj' Krajci (Slovakia)

The reason i'm learning japanese by myself...Happy birthday :)

Artiom (Russia)

Thank you so much for all the unparalled beauty of your music! Happy Birthday!

?? (China)
Happy birthday!!! I am a Chinese girl. I really like the music composed by you. It is different from the pop music, which can make a deep impression on mine. In last year, I have written a article about ’s OST. It was print in a magazine. I was very happy. ^ ^ Form this opportunity, I also wish that you can make more and more wonderful music and songs and have a happy life. We will always support you!
Your fans

elcazador (China)

Yuki sama,happy birthday! You are the best in my heart,forever.

Katarina (Slovenia)

For many more years of wonderful musical creating and even more of happy living.

SnowSnow (Canada)

I hope you have a happy birthday Yuki!!! (and I love you, rawr.)

Alex Miranda (Spain)
Hello from Spain.
I wish you a Happy Birthday and all the good things of the world. Thanks for sharing with your fans around the world your lovely music. I wish also lots of future triumphs . I hope you have a very nice Birthday.

asonta (Canada)

Enjoy your special day! =]

Luciano ZERO (Brazil)

Subete no subarashii ongaku ni arigatou gozaimasu! Motto motto tsukuru tsuzukete onegai!

?? (China)

To YUKI SAMA: First of all, Happy birthday to you ~ Yeah, I really want to send my wish to you because I am a fan of you. I am a 18-year-old girl who lives in Shanghai, China. My English is not very good but I can't write in Japanese at all, so this is the only way I can communicate with you and send my wish and admiration to you. I am not sure if I can tell you my feeling about your music in English as well as in Chinese, but I will try my best to do it. I became to know your music because of one of your famous songs——Akatsuki no kuruma. Three years ago, my sister sent the song to me. I listened to it and I can't help being attracted by its beautiful melody. Cello and guitar are so Yasashii. YUUKA's voice is sweet. I had never listened to such kind of music. You mix pop with Classic. You add violin to electronic music. Before listening to your music, my favorite kind of music is classic. My favorite composer is MOZART because of his beautiful and delicate melody which is like sunshine. I don't like pop music at all. But your music let me know that the melody played by violin and electronic music, the music mixed with pop and classic is more beautiful and exciting than the melody only played by violin. Because of your music, I decided to learn how to play the violin. My desire now is playing your music by violin. But now I have to study hard to prepare for my countless examinations, so sadly, I have no time to do so. But luckily, I can play the piano. I always play your music during the rest time. Playing the music written by you, I feel relaxed. But it is really difficult to find the music sheet, so I can only play a part of them. I have also found many other things in your music, such as love, soul and imagination. Melody is just melody. Only when it contains composer’s love, soul and imagination can it be called music. And I think that's the reason why your music can move me. I have collected almost all your music such as NOIR OST, MADLAX OST, hack//SIGN OST and so on. I can't say which is my favorite because all of them are so excellent.But if someone forces me to say one, I will say Akatsuki no kuruma without hesitation just because it is the beginning of my way to your music world, just because of the hope its melody and words bring to me, just because if there is no Akatsuki no kuruma , perhaps I won't know there is so outstanding a composer in the world named Kajiura Yuki .I really love you and your music. I am proud to say ——It's my favorite and you are my favorite~ Finally, I want to say: please……please keep on fighting?I will support you forever!
PS: Your latest song ??????… is also very beautiful. I listen to it almost every day. Another dream of mine is to attend your concert in shanghai. Come here~ come to China please~ All of your Chinese fans and I are waiting for you Happy Birthday to you~ YUKI SAMA!
One of your Chinese fans
My Chinese nickname is:??

WENDY (China)

I Love YUKI's music

Kerahna (Canada)

Happy Birthday, Yuki! Thank you for another year (among many) of pure inspiration and magic. Over this past year I've met so many amazing people from all over the world who share a love for your music and lyrics~ thanks for bringing us together! The power of your music is more influential than you might imagine :) Congratulations on another successful year! Your voice is beautiful and I hope you sing more (solos!!!!) in the future <3

Ashlie (USA)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your music and listen to it every day! Thank you!

Maxime. B (France)

Hello miss Kajiura, I am one of your fans in France, and I am proud to tell you that you have a lot of fans in this country too... I wanted to wish a happy birthday to one of the talentest japanese music composer that you represents!!! And I hope there will be many other birthdays and many beautiful compositions to come in the future. I wish you good luck!

Shenpang (China)

May love and peace fulfill Yuki's life, sparking the light of ecstasy and always keep pace to nowhere.

Genny (Italy)

Buon Compleanno!!!

Andre` B. (USA)

Happy birthday MS. KAJIURA!

Kazu (Honduras)

Es que Selavi in Lemitamor
A la Sodaye in miennela
La sita Mia
Esqueda ill toggio
Happy Birthday Kajiura-Sama, I want to tell you this for lon-long-long time, I love your works, your Music, I'm a deboted fans of yours...I hope the God, give you so many Years to continu On, and for me too... Thankyou for Evrything, I Love You

Pavel Vaverka (Czech Republic)

Hi Yuki, I wish you all the best into your life, lot of happiness, splenid ideas, good friends. And don't forget, your fans aren't just from Japan, they are even in Europe and both Americas. People love your music, because gives them power, relaxation, inspiration. So keep going with composing beautiful music! I'm sending to you heartwarming greetings from the heart Europe, not just by me, but from many fans of your music, which living in Czech Republic.
With love and respect,
Pavel Vaverka

Alex Wang (Canada)

Happy birthday! ^^

René Planas (Canada)

I don't know if you'll read this, but I wanted to say that as an aspiring writer, your music has both inspired and influence my writing. You are my favorite composer of all time. Happy Birthday!

Andrew MArchiniak (UK)

Happy Birthday Yuki! Love your amazing music!

Bocko (Belgium)

Just to wish you a happy birthday ^^

seventy2seconds (Singapore)

????????, ??????!! =D

Liana Ilia (USA)

Happy Birthday! I love you music, you are absolutely the best composer in the world! Have a good day!

Armando Gutiérrez (Mexico)

Happy birthday Yuki! best wishes from a fan in Mexico, thank you for all the beautiful music and your influence.

Ruth (Finland)

Happy Birthday, Yuki! Listening to your music has always been a joy to me. I hope I will hear more music from you in the future. Your music is absolutely beautiful and fantastic!

Alexandre Gagnon (Canada)

Happy Birthday!

Alex S. (USA)

Happy Birthday Yuki-sama! Keep up the great and hard work!

Fred Herriot (Canada)

Best wishes and most happy returns of the day!

Gina ? (Canada)

Happy Birthday Yuki-chan!!! ?

Dawson Dias (USA)


??? (USA)


Shane (Singapore)


Erica (USA)

I love your music and you're an awesome composer <3 ??????????? ?????????~

Sam H. (USA)

Happy Birthday!

Caitlin (USA)

Thank you for making so much great music!!

Acefondu (USA)

Happy Birthday Yuki. Keep up the great work!

Michael Calvin (USA)

I love your music. You did great work in Mai HiME and Noir.

Jackie (Canada)

Dear Yuki Kajiura :)
I hope u have a great birthday! :) I love your music very much, it's very good!! I wish I can listen it more in the future. Keep it going!! ^^
and and and.....................................

Jaey Li (USA)


Danielle Mc (USA)

Happy Birthday, Kajiura-san!

Jeff Li (Canada)

Happy B-day. Keep up the awesome work.

Machii (USA)

Yuki! You are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful 43rd birthday! Please continue making music for many years to come!
Much love!

Tarryl (USA)

You make me realize how awesome life is, thank you and happy birthday!

Nick (USA)

Happy Birthday! :D Your music has really reached me, and I couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. I am sorry I can only speak English well enough to bring you wishes, but I hope plenty for you in the year to come! (:

Robert W (USA)

I love all your music and I wish it was easier to get in the US. I want to listen to it all the time. You are brilliant.

Bihong (Singapore)

Happy Birthday, Ms. Kajiura! I'm a big fan of your music, and I hope you'll keep making more in the upcoming years!

David Frew (Australia)

You are truely amazing, your songs are precious.

Don Tran (Canada)

Happy birthday!!!!! You're the best!

Andrew Nguyen (USA)

Happy Birthday Miss Kajiura.
Congratulations on your sucess thus far and may you continue to have great sucess and that the "magic" that you're create with your music lives on forever more.
Thank you for what you've done thus far.

Tien (USA)

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fun birthday and make your music popular around the world!

Richard Veysey (USA)

Your music gives me goosebumps and sends chills down my spine, stirring my spirit. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Neoron (Hong Kong)

Happy Birthday! And come to HK if you can...

Zemo (USA)

I love you! Your instrumental work is the best I've heard. Mai-HiME was spectacular - my favourite. Happy Birthday!

Christopher Moore (USA)

Keep up the great work.

Vivian Chu (USA)

Happy Birthday Yuki Kajiura :)

Konstantin (USA)

Kajiura-san, thank you for making such wonderful music for the world to enjoy!

Shane Mok (Singapore)

Dear Ms Yuki Kajiura,
Happy Birthday! Your music never fails to amaze me time and time again! I wish you many happy returns and I look forward to your next music piece!
Best wishes,
Shane Mok, Singapore

Mary Oliver (UK)

Your work is astounding; Have a very happy birthday!

Kaiser (Hong Kong)

I love Yuki-sama's music and lyrics. I have been Yuki-sama's fan for a long and will support Yuki-sama forever !!!

Pascal KAMMERER (France)

Happy birthday from France.

ZeWaren (France)

Long life to the best composer ever! Un grand merci de l'ouest de la Bretagne pour toutes ces oeuvres grandioses. (French)

??? (UK)


Jonathan (USA)

Happy Birthday!

???? (Singapore)

Happy Birthday Yuki ~~ ! ! ! ! ~ ???? (Jivika)

Dana (UAE)

You are really amazing, thank you for all the wonderful music. Happy birthday!! I hope you enjoy it:D

Jayce (UK)

Happy Birthday Yuki! Your music is awesome! All the best! 8)

Lidia Tyczynska (Poland)

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! Oby wena tworcza nigdy Ci? nie opuscila! Zycze Ci (a takze sobie ^___^) jeszcze wielu przepieknych piosenek i kompozycji! Happy Birthday to You! May your inspiration never run out! I wish You (and I wish it to my self too ^___^) many beautiful songs and compositions!

Sumayyah R.Haider (Pakistan)

Wishing you a very happy birthday Kajiura-sensei!

Damien Genouille (France)

I really love your songs, especially the soundtrack of Mai HiME. Ensei is so sad but so great ! Happy birthday from France =)

Ricky (Australia)

Happy Birthday Yuki. Your music is wonderful, I wish you well.

W. Aalderink (The Netherlands)

Omedeto, Yuki-san! Hope you have a nice day. Greetings from The Netherlands!

Claire SUN (France)

Happy Birthday Yuki Kajiura !

ReiJi (Malaysia)


Po-Wen Yao (Taiwan)

Love your music. Happy birthday and keep up the excellent work.

Soji (Singapore)

Hi ya Yuki and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Macarena (Spain)

¡Sigue componiendo PARA SIEMPRE!

Quynh Anh (Vietnam)

Otanjoubi omedetou Kajiura Yuki-san! Ganbatte! I'm waiting for all your new awesome songs!

Yin Lee (UK)

Happy Birthday, you're the best.

Nguyén-san (Sweden)

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu! Your music rocks!

Ray (Malaysia)

Your music is amazing! Please continue to produce great music. I'll be anticipating your next work. Happy Birthday!

Wynetta Zlata (USA)

Have a wonderful birthday!

Estefania (Spain)

Happy Birthday, Kajiura-sama ^^ Keep on composing as well as you do, this way you make all us happy with your wonderful music!! Kisses & hugs from a big fan!

Manayer Alhendi (Kuwait)

happy birthday, may you bring us more lovely music during the rest of your years.

Tasogare (Canada)

Well, what can I say? I'm a big fan, and I love all of your work. It's really amazing. Happy Birthday.

Tasha (USA)

Happy birthday! Your music is amazing!

Alvi Mahmud (Bangladesh)

Keep up the good work,hoping to see some more magic from you soon

Janeth Montana (Colombia)

hi Kajiura Yuki i hope you happy birthday, i wish you the best in this day. I love your songs specially the songs of tsubasa chronicle like play the game, femme, fireseeker, need your love, stay, storm is coming, further, wings of your imagination, wayside... and others.. jijiji... I write since Colombia and I would to ask you if in Colombia exist some place where i can buy your music. Because I have heard your songs by youtube only. I hope that some day you can come to Colombia.. It would be interesting...
happy birthday....
att: Janeth Montana

Zillvar Leung (Canada)

Thank you for writing music. I've enjoyed listening to you grow as a composer.

Loxodon (France)

Ontajoubi omedetou, yuki-chan ! Furansu ha kimi wo matteiru ! Mata ne ! ^^

Rick (Dominican Republic)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, please continue to compose the songs that we love!

Thierry C (France)

Thank you, for all these beautiful melodies.

Matt Kelly (Canada)

Your Music Rocks!

David C. (Canada)


Bahadir Bayoglu (Turkey)

Happy happy birthday YUKI! We love you and your music :) Please keep composing...

Joël Dumonceau (France)

Happy Birthday for your 43th birthday. I hope you'll continue to let me dream and travel in th sky with your great song for the future. I beg you, please, come to Paris to do a concert and you'll see you have so many maaa~~ny french fan here. Otanjoubi omedetou, chu.

Michelle ????? (USA)


Cayci F (Canada)

Have a happy birthday! I think this is a little strange sending you an e-card like this, but I hope your day is happy anyway :D

Jessie Chu (Canada)


Jessica Lieb (USA)

Happy birthday Yuki! Your music is amazing, and you are an inspiration to me!

Sebastian Osaer (Belgium)

Your music moves me in any possible way! I hope you keep writing those great songs for many years, they're an inspiration to me! Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Suliman M. Hadidi (Jordan)

Have a very nice Birthday, love your work, & gambatte with whatever you do, have fun :)

Joe Straatmann (USA)

Thank you very much for your beautiful music and happy birthday!

Franz V. (Mexico)

OMG ^_^
emm... happy b-day Yuki! i hope you have an awesome B-day and stuff :D

William F. Hui (USA)

Happy Birthday, Miss Yuki! We love you!

Viviana Montoya (Colombia)

Hi........I´m a Fans of Latin America that very like tu music ......You are fantastic.........Happy briday.........

Cassie Eng (Canada)

Happy Birthday Yuki-sama. ^-^

Henry (USA)

Happy 43th Birthday Master Kajiura!

Yumeka (Hong Kong)

I love and enjoy your songs! I listen to them everyday! You are the greatest composer on Earth! Thank you for creating such beautiful music! And Happy Birthday! ???????????????

Brock Young (Canada)

Happy Bithday, thank you for all the wonderful music.

Hannah (UK)

Keep up the great work =D

Ed Fear (UK)

Your work on Xenosaga was amazing!

Lil Paulin (Brunei)

May the best of luck always be by your side, and have a very happy birthday, Yuki! :)

Kristian Dalen (Norway)

Good times for blend.

Hakuchou-Hime (The Netherlands)

Your music makes the sun shine on rainy days, and give a rainbow in the sky! Your music inspires me, and makes me happy even when I'm hearing it for just a second! I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday, and much inspiration for new songs/music! Tanjoubi omedetou!

Reira (Brazil)

Your songs really bring the best of me out. Otanjoubi Omedetou Yuki-san!

Tachi (USA)

Kajiura-san wa utsukushii desu~~

Guardian07 (Malaysia)

Firstly, Happy Birthday!!
I just wanted to say that I always loved your works.I look everywhere to find them. Also,I wish you the best of health.May fate be kind to you=).

Denisu Guregorii (USA)

Tanjoubi omedetougozaimasu!

ChrisLisondra (Philppines)

Greetings to you Yuki Kajiura-sama!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! ^_^ I would just wanna say that your compositions are really, really AMAZING and because of that, you inspire me to love music much, much more than ever. I hope you continue to do your job well as a really great and creative musician! I am so lucky I got to listen to most of your creations. It makes me wanna live longer. ^_^ Once again Kajiura-san, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish you good luck in all you do! I will continue to support you until the end! BANZAI! ^_^

moichispa (Spain)

Thank to give music to our lifes. Happy birthday

Devinne Walters (USA)

Please keep up your inspirational, gorgeous music! <3

Eclu (China)

Yuki san, happy birthday ^ ^

Olivier (Switzerland)

I wish you a very sweet birthday. Please continue your wonderful work !

Robert Abesamis (Philippines)

Happy Birthday! May the universe bless you with more inspirations for your music. And may your music continue to inspire those who listen to it!

??? (China)

????????????????????? ????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????

Misty (USA)

Happy birthday! ^^

ppmax (France)

Happy Birthday !

James (UK)

Happy Birthday!!! Your music is astoundingly beautiful and will always be playing in my ears!!!

caroline and vionnie (Indonesia)

Happy Birthday Kajiura Yuki. We are love your songs.

Terry Ferguson (USA)

Thank you for composing such beautiful music.

Inn0centQ (China)

Happy birthday to YUKI SAMA!
I appreciate you very much after I watch "Le Portrait de Petite Cossette".The cooperation of YUKI SAMA and Revo in the dream port concert is very interesting and successuful.And I was surprised and excited to watch the chorus of YUKI SAMA and Revo in the song "sajin no kanata"in the end!! At last, I hope YUKI SAMA's music career gose better and better^_^

DreaM HunteR (Poland)

We love You all our Hearts!

A French Fan (France)

Thank you so much for your great work, and happy birthday ^^ !!

Florian (Romania)

Happy Birthday, my goddess! You changed my life!

Kieli-san (USA)

We your fans wish you a very happy, healthy and fun birthday!

Maurice (USA)

Happy Birthday Kajiura-sama. I love your music, especially for Tsubasa Chronicle.

??????? ????? (Russia)

Forever in love with your music!

Julien ~ Allexiel (Belgium)

Dear Yuki,
I have been a fan since the early days, and can't stop listening to your music every day! What I can hope for is for you to have a good health and inspiration this year, so we, as fans, can be stunned again by your emotion full music. You earned my respect from the first notes of Noir...
Happy Birthday to you!

Denis Sokolov (Lithuania)

Love you and your music. Thank you so much!

Fabian Foerster aka. Kakashi-sensai aka. Zulu "The Preacher" (Germany)

Happy Birthday and all the best for this new part of your life! :)

UNtrue Noir (USA)

Happy Birthday Miss Kajiura!
Your works have inspired me to pursue music as my career, and I've even arranged some of your and Sahashi Toshihiko's compositions for my school's orchestra. Thank you so much for your genius and I hope you have a wonderful birthday and even more masterpieces to come!

Noah (USA)

Thank you for writing such wonderful music. I look forward to hearing your future works.

Ricky (USA)

Kajiura-san, I want to let you know how happy your music has made me and how very glad I am that you were born. Happy Birthday, Yuki Kajiura!

Kanong Lee (USA)

Hello there! Happy birthday!!! It's so much fun when it's your birthday, huh? It's the one special day of the year that only you can be thought of, right? Well, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your quality work. Your music are very insipring and very cathy. When I first heard them, I felt goosebumps. It made me to listen to more and more of your songs. That's how much I love your taste in music. Well, that's all I wanted to say. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!! Live life to the fullest and never leave ANY memories behind. Treasure your loved ones and your memories, because they're your legacy and your proof of existence, right? Well, that's all. Hope you the best! ^_^

Patrick Desbiens (Canada)

Can't get enough of your music. You are the best :)
Happy Birthday

Urill (China)


Aien Hime (Netherlands)

Congratulations, and thank you for all the wonderful music!

571BO (Republic of Korea)

Happy Birthday, Yuki-san! +_+ I first met you on Xenosaga series, and now become a fan of you! +_+

MartAnimE (Portugal)

Happy Birthday! Keep inspiring the world with your beautiful music!

Midori (Germany)

iWish you a happy birthday^-^

Bulmafox (USA)

Happy Birthday, Kajiura-sama!

Jean (France)

Joyeux anniversaire ! Merci pour cette superbe musique :)

Cuordileone (Italy)

Happy Birthday!!!!:):)

Moon-Dash (Vietnam)

Hands down for Yuki Kajiura-sama!

Vaxarm (French Guiana)

Joyeux anniversaire ! A quand une chanson en français ? Très beau boulot continuez comme ça !

André (Portugal)


naoise (Canada)

Thanks for all the great music, and stay Beautiful!

Tantrix (Germany)

Yuki 8D Your works wakened in me something,made me realize about the world and my potential to make something. I thank you for that ;~; I hope you will have a nice party,though I hate birthdays. I call them ''Cakeday'' because you get cake at the day .
Happy Birthday

?? (China)

Yuki,buon compleanno!

Matti P. (Finland)

Yuki, our Goddess of a composer!

Tamsen Evans (15) (USA)

Your songs are absolutely brilliant, and I'm in love with so many of them it's impossible to pick a favourite. They can be haunting and energetic and sweet and...the ones that hit, hit hard. Please have a wonderful year!

Melissa Warner (aka Akira) (USA)

Have A fantastic birthday!!!!!!! You rock Yuki!!!!!!

Mandy McKelvey (USA)


ninet sioucs (Chile)

^_^ happy birthday

MariusTh86 (Netherlands)

Happy birthday! and that you may continue to make your beautiful songs for many more years to come!

Terrik (USA)

To Kajiura-sama,
Hello from America! I HIGHLY enjoy your music, especially Kalafina. I just hope that they're not going to stop releasing after Kara no Kyoukai ends! Ah well. Enjoy another birthday and keep composing!!

Diogo Cardoso (Portugal)

Happy Birthday from portugal xD

Parker Tichko (USA)

you are a genius composer and arranger. don't ever stop.

Belinda (USA)

I love your music!

Emily Smythe (USA)

I've been a fan of your work ever since I started watching .hack//SIGN (5 years ago). Happy Birthday to you and keep up the good work! :)

Danieru (Argentina)

we are united by music beyond the end of time

Mickaël Nguyen (France)

Happy birthday ! We all love your music ! Keep making for us those wonderful songs of yours !

Boguszlaw B. Bogusz (Germany)

Hello and happy Birthday!

Ed Lee (Hong Kong)

Happy Birthday, Miss Kajiura. Hope you make much fantastic works for every fans.

Vyori P. (Indonesia)

Happy birthday to you, Kajiura-san! Wish you a happy life, and imaginations of course :D Good luck!



kita (Colombia)

watashi no namae wa kita desu i hipe you happy birthday yo you

Gareth Torrance (Bulgaria)

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! I love you music, even though it's hard to get over here!

Maria (Greece)

Have a very happy birthday! I hope you live many years and fill the world with your wonderful music.


Gloria Yuki Kajiura!!!

Timothy Tang (UK)

Happy Birthday, Kajiura-sama!

Rion (Germany)

?????????? ^.^

M.K.V (Finland)

Congratulations! Hopefully you'll live long and make much more good music!

Zonak (Netherlands)

I wish you a great birthday in the land of twilight, under the moon! Thanks for the fantastic music you created!

Kellerkind (Germany)

Happy Birthday Yuki :D I don't know what to write, I just want to thank you for all those incredibly beautiful songs you're writing, it amazes me again and again how a single person can come up with so many beautiful melodies :) I wish you luck, health and success in every aspect of your life :D

Ferdinand Paguio (Philippines)

Happy Birthday Yuki
More power to you^^ happy birthday From your fan from the Philippines ^_^

Lucrecia (France)

I wish you to spend a very joyful and happy birthday... Your songs make everyone of us dream. They able me to fly away from reality, to reach another universe so magical, so peaceful. The part of you that lives within them touches me so, that's something I'm really glad to be able to live. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for all what you share to us. We're all thinking of you. Best regards.

Gennady Gulyakov (Ukraine)

Thank you for your musical magic! =)

Daikirai (Ukraine)
Kajiura-san, domo arigatou for your fantastic music. Happy Birthday! I wish you much luck, health and creativity! You are the one of the composers which I very admire and I am getting so much inspiration by your music*_* Once more, thank you!

Cube (Mexico)

One of my two favorite composers, alongside YokoKanno.

Michael Klein (Germany)

Bad with words, so just keeping it simple: Happy Birthday =)

Shantal (Mexico)

Happy Happy Birthady ! miss Kajiura you are a extraordinary composer, the most wonderful whises in your day, her fans always support you! Viva la vida!

S. P. (Germany)

Happy birthday

Kazami (France)

Continue that way !

tinba (France)

Happy birthday to the great one that makes every day of our lives brighter and happier thanks to her delicious melodies. Happy birthday to you, Yuki Kajiura. We love you and your music, and we always will. Keep up the good work and continue to make us dream forever.
Eternal thanks,

Tina (USA)

I love your music!! Best of wishes on your Birth Day^_________^!!

Loli (Spain)

Happy Birthday Yuki Kajiura, ARE VERY HAPPY DAY OF your birthday and remains the god of music!!

Jose (Spain)

A lot of years of lovely and precious music in the past and a lot of more years in the future. We still want to hear music & lyrics from this incredible woman! Sing, la la la......~
Good luck and happy birthday, Yuki~!
?????? ????!!

DJ.Wong (Malaysia)

?????????????????????! ??????????????????????????! ?????????????????! ?????????????????????????! ??????????! Happy Birthday!!

kinze-nemesis (Mexico)

pues no me queda mas que felicitarla por un aniversario mas de su llegada a este mundo y gracias por su hermosa voz

Jackson (Brazil)

Yuukkiii!! Just wanna say that I simply LOVE your music, all of your songs are AMAZING. Please be always this wonderful composer that you are.
Happy birthday Yuki-chan!! ^__^ All of your fans Love you so so so much and everything that you do.

Yukia Rei (USA)

?????????~! Your music brings serenity to my mind and allows (at least) me to enjoy music so much more than ever before since I've first listened to it. :D

george1234 (Greece)

Miss Yuki Kajiura, I adore your music and lyrics so much! When I listen to it I feel like going to a different dimension, the dimension of the amazing flood of feelings created by your music in me. ^_^. Please continue making such beautiful music.
Happy birthday!!!

Theo (Finland)

Happy Birthday to Yuki. You are best~

MIchael (New Zealand)

Happy Birthday,
Would love to see you in concert, please come somewhere close sometime.

Rebecca H. (Canada)

Hi, and Happy Birthday! I'd like to say thank you, for composing such wonderful and inspirational music. You're truly my favourite composer, and I'm really happy to have been able to listen to your pieces. Your instrumentation and vocals are so unique and complex; it's amazing to try to pick out all the details. And your beautiful violin solos have even given me the motivation to try learning the violin. :) I eagerly anticipate hearing more of your works. Thank you so much.
Wishing you the very best,
Rebecca H.

Jasmin (Finland)

Happy Birthday to most wonderfull composer!

Noah (Finland)

Happy Birthday!

cullen (Finland)

Thank you for good music! Happy birthday!

Eleonor (Finland)

You music is awsome! Kalafina sound great!

Anna (Finland)

Thank you for the music! Happy, Happy birthday! I hope you get a lot of presents!

Pavel (Belarus)

Happy Birthday!

VisVoy (Belarus)

Happy birthday!

Adam Wopat (UK)