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Sign Yuki’s Birthday Card!


Welcome to the 2008 Yuki Kajiura Birthday Card Project! Yuki Kajiura’s birthday is on August 6, and we are hoping to send her a digital birthday card on that day. Any site/blog owners wishing to join, just start collecting signatures using a similar form format as below, and then send them to Kerahna or Zuiyon before August 6. Alternatively, you can just link to this page. Don’t forget to tell us so we can add your site to this list. For the “Signature Image URL” field, if you want you can link to an image of your signature (as if you’re signing a card, not like a forum signature bar!).

Image: Naddie, Shiki, and Sakura (Characters from 2007-2008)

Artists: Zuiyon and Kerahna; volunteers welcome!

Format: Web page with card image at top with names/locations, then any long messages below the image.

Deadline: Send in your signature any time before August 6, 2008. If you need to edit a previous signature, just resubmit it 🙂

Participating Sites:
Ficción Música
FictionJunction J-Music
First Facebook Yuki Kajiura Fan Group
Kajiura Eternal Heaven
Kajiura Fictions

Signature Form

[Signatures are closed for this year! Click Here to see the card!]

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